Our Mission:

To provide free accompaniment for anyone who does not wish to walk or take public transit alone at night, anywhere on the island of Montreal.

Volunteer Roles:

Patroller/Walker or Dispatcher.

Dispatchers have at least one semester of experience as a Walker and dispatch human resources, answer calls and are responsible for logistics. May also patrol. 

Walkers are the faces of WALKSAFE who go out into the community in teams of two (female, non-female).

Walkers must patrol in teams of at least 2 people! Minimum commitment is one three hour shift once every two weeks. Of course, you’re more than welcome to take on more shifts! Shifts consist of three hour time blocks from 9pm-12am every weekday, and 12am-3am Fridays and Saturdays.


Send us an email if you’d like to become a WALKSAFE volunteer. We would love to hear from you!