WALKSAFE service announcement

In light of the recent announcement from McGill University that all classes will be moved online for the remainder of the semester, WALKSAFE is cancelling all operations for the Winter semester. We will reopen August 2020. If anyone needs a walk home, please contact McGill Security.

The downtown number is 514.398.3000.
The Macdonald campus number is 514.398.7777.

Thank you for your understanding. All the best and we hope to see you in the fall 🙂


It’s easy to use WALKSAFE. Just give us a call at 514.398.2498 during our hours of operation, when you’re ready to get going.

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about our service.

Become a volunteer

We’re always looking for fresh faces to join our team of volunteers. We recruit two times per year during the months of September and January.

Visit our booth at Activities Night in September and January or check out our Volunteer section for more info.


Safe-walks are on a first-come-first-served basis and cannot be reserved ahead of time.

You can however book our awesome WALKSAFE team for your next faculty or student event!

Meet our executive team!

Tamara Janowski (she/her)

Tamara oversees all operations related to WALKSAFE and supports each executive member with their individual duties. She acts as the designated representative for the service and is WALKSAFE’s primary liaison with SSMU executives and McGill University. Tamara has been a volunteer with WALKSAFE since 2016.

VP Internal Affairs
Gracie Forgie (she/her)

Gracie is responsible for organizing and executing all training sessions along with handling recruitment of new volunteers. She is the liaison with all external training partners. She plans social events to foster a greater community within WALKSAFE. Gracie has been a volunteer with WALKSAFE since 2017.

Assistant Internal Affairs
Luc Wilson (he/him)

Luc supports Gracie with executing all the responsibilities listed under the VP Internal Affairs portfolio. He primarily focuses on helping to organize social events within WALKSAFE and assisting the VP Internal Affairs with training and recruitment logistics. Luc has been a volunteer with WALKSAFE since 2019.

VP Finance
Rime Alali (she/her)

Rime is responsible for all finance-related matters. She prepares the WALKSAFE yearly budget, handles reimbursements for volunteers, approves all of WALKSAFE’s purchases, and communicates with the SSMU department of finance to ensure that WALKSAFE’s financial operations run without difficulty. Rime has been a volunteer with WALKSAFE since 2018.

VP External Affairs
Emily Vaillancourt (she/her)

Emily handles all of WALKSAFE’s booking requests. She organizes fundraising activities and information tabling to facilitate a greater presence of WALKSAFE on McGill campus. She is responsible for maintaining communication with McGill affiliated organizations including clubs and fellow services. Emily has been a volunteer with WALKSAFE since 2018.

VP Scheduling
Leon Picha (he/him)

Leon manages all matters related to volunteer scheduling. He is responsible for sending out the monthly schedule and ensuring all shifts are at full capacity. Leon enforces rules and regulations as outlined by WALKSAFE’s disciplinary policy. Leon has been a volunteer with WALKSAFE since 2019.

VP Outreach
Sydney Westra (she/her)

Sydney handles the creation and distribution of promotional material and updating all of WALKSAFE’s social media platforms. She is responsible for improving awareness of WALKSAFE within and outside of the McGill community and greater Montreal community. Sydney has been a volunteer with WALKSAFE since 2017.

VP Communications
Scott Kennedy (he/him)

Scott is responsible for maintaining the WALKSAFE general email by ensuring all correspondence is answered promptly or forwarded to the appropriate member of the executive team. He handles all internal communications between the executive team and WALKSAFE volunteers. Scott has been a volunteer with WALKSAFE since 2018.

Daycare Coordinator
Paola Martinez (she/her)

Paola oversees the general management of WALKBuddies. She is responsible for assisting the VP Internal Affairs and Assistant with the recruitment and training of all WALKBuddies volunteers and acting as the liaison with the daycare staff and SSMU. Paola has been a volunteer with WALKSAFE since 2019.

Daycare Coordinator
Marlee Nisenboim (she/her)

Marlee supports Paola with executing all the responsibilities under the Daycare Coordinator portfolio. She primarily focuses on helping to organize the WALKBuddies recruitment and training and assisting Paola with her communications with the daycare. Marlee has been a volunteer with WALKSAFE since 2018.

WALKER trivia

The ideal number of steps
undertaken per day per human
The most steps recorded by one WALKER during FROSH for a double shift
The average number of human
WALKERs cast per season of
The Walking Dead