Request WALKSAFE for your next event

The WALKSAFE team is available for Faculty and Student events. To book WALKSAFE, we require at least two weeks notice prior to an event to guarantee coverage. Upon receiving your request, the VP External will contact you to confirm within 2 business days.

Terms & Conditions:

• I understand that WALKSAFE volunteers have the authority to reject any client, within reason and that WALKSAFE does not tolerate any abuse towards WALKSAFE volunteers. WALKSAFE volunteers reserve the right to leave the event at their own discretion if conditions are unfavourable.

• I understand that WALKSAFE begins operating at 9 PM, and therefore WALKSAFE volunteers will be dispatched at this time to head over to the event location.The exact time at which WALKSAFE volunteers will arrive will depend on the distance from the WALKSAFE office.

• I understand that WALKSAFE volunteers require a designated location near the entrance of the event that is easily accessible to the attendants participating.

• I understand that WALKSAFE volunteers will make rounds every 30 minutes.

• I understand that it is the responsibility of the event organizers to inform event security, all event organizers, and participants of WALKSAFE’s presence.

• I understand that there may be a WALKSAFE shift change during the event.

Should you agree to the above terms and conditions, feel free to request our services, along with those from our friends at DriveSafe & MSERT below. Talk soon!